my rebuttal to: "why google won't succeed in music" by @SonicbidsPanos

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Hi Panos,

If you read my post on Hypebot (, you would probably gather that I would disagree with your post.

Aside from the argument that Google's 20,000 employees each have some quantity of "soul", and certainly some of these employees have as much "soul" as say…SonicBid's employees have :)

I think you are looking at a potential Google solution through the wrong lens? 

I might somewhat agree with you - if I envisioned that Google was going to put some sort of monolithic, itunes-like, algorithm-driven site called Google Music into the marketplace.  However I will be as disappointed as you if Google solely chooses to do just that.

Instead, I envisioned a decentralized approach to enabling the control of rights, pricing, bookmarking, etc.  My approach completely disrupts the very notion of distribution, and it also further flattens the path a song has to take to get from the mixing board to a receptive audience.

The "soul" of music is born upon the fingertips of the songwriter; it breathes in our ears; and it rides upon our shared enthusiasm.  I can't see how anything Google should (underline) do, could possibly change this.  In fact, I have every positive thinking reason to believe that Google Music will give more life to the soul of the music industry, instead of taking any of it away. 

The technical solution I am talking about is probably radically different from what most people envision.  You would have to play around with the Yahoo Media Player,, playdar, Google Analytics, etc. to grock it.