SOPA Blackout Bullshit

Apparently Reddit, Minecraft, Craigslist and possibly Wikipedia will go dark to protest SOPA on Wednesday the 18th of January.  Fred Wilson ( is also urging Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Vimeo, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Tumblr, WordPress and Typepad to go dark also.

For SOPA or against, it does not matter!  Can't these site owners see the irony in the fact that they can turn off and control their intellectual property at will...while songwriters and filmmakers have no such option whatsoever!

If only the tech industry would put the same passion, innovation and energy behind preventing or slowing online piracy.

Special interests are at work on both sides of this argument.  The uproar should have been about creating open, industry-supported intellectualy property protection before the government gets in our grill; let's hope that's plan B.