Why I am against #STOPSOPA.

There's plenty to smart stuff on the Internet that will tell you why SOPA SUCKS.  The best article I have read to date is from Mike Masknick of Techdirt.

However, if you believe that humans that dedicate their lives to creating digitizable stuff like music should have more control over their stuff on the Internet, as in the form of on-demand copyright control then read on.  If you don't believe in copyrights, then this post is probably useless to you.

The US Government is certainly ill suited to come up with a way to end online piracy.  The tech sector on the other hand, without a doubt, has the skills and the capacity to solve the problem (invent a solution).  

The challenges with relying on the tech sector are 1) many don't believe in copyrights, and 2) there's a huge disincentive, as in compliance (depending on the solution) could cost certain tech companies truckloads of money.  But I doubt that.  

In the free world, we are only going to get the tech sector to solve the online piracy problem if 1) market incentives magically appear, or 2) the government is about the pull the trigger on a solution that seems to disproportionately favor the other guy, or 3) God intervenes.

From the list above: Online piracy has been running rampant for years, and I'm not going to hold my breath any longer whilst waiting for a free market solution or for God to appear.  The only thing that's going to force the tech sector to come to the table with an offer to slow online piracy is a credible threat that the Federal government is about to act in someone else's best interest.  

So misguided as I may be, to those that support copyrights and STOPSOPA at the same time, you don't seem to know - in America - how to press your foot into your opponents throat until he says what you want to hear?

SOPA never would have passed with all the objections (NEVER).  However If there was a credible threat from the friendly side (that's the pro copyright side), the do-no-evil side (the tech sector) would have met us in the middle.

Moving forward, I can only hope the PRO SOPA people are brilliant enough to repackage the debate into PRO COPYRIGHT versus ANTI COPYRIGHT; this way we can see everyone's true colors.

For the record, I never want to see file sharing stopped (by a government).  Acknowledging the contradiction here, what I want is the ability for any rightsholder to withdraw at will.  Moreover I don't' agree that file sharing harms every rightsholder.  This is a right-to-control issue for me, as in the same right-to-control that Craigslist and Wikipedia just exerted over their intellectual property.